Some of the disadvantages of double dating

–  Double dating has many disadvantages

While double dating entails that you get to enjoy double of what only one partner would give you, it also has lots of disadvantages.

Some of the reasons why are below.

 Waste of resources
For a guy, when you have two girlfriend, you would spend double of what normally, you would spend for just one. This would even be worse if you have more than two.
For a girl, especially if you are having sex with the two of them, when you have sex with them, you would waste the energy you are supposed to use on something more creative.

It is not healthy
Medical practitioners always advice that when one is having sex, one should practice safe sex by staying faithful to one’s partner and using protection.
Double dating and sleeping with more than one person can be very dangerous.
This is because apart from the fact that you can get diseases, you can also infect your innocent partners.

Dating and having sex with ,more than a partner is not healthy

You would take risks
When double dating, you would need to take lots of risks and be a very creative liar, because sometimes, you would need to explain your whereabouts to your partner and this would involve you telling lies.

you would hurt your partners
Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner. It is likely that no matter how much you try to hide your unfaithfulness, it would be discovered.
Trust me, your partners would not find it funny. They may want to punish you too.

It is a waste of time.
If you are double dating, you won’t have time to do lots of things because you would have to try to spend quality time with all of them.
Jumping from one partner to the other is a waste of time.
You need to be careful because too much of everything is bad. Having just a partner is cool enough. Greed can kill.

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