10 Things To Know About Dakingari Camp

dakingari camp, naijapr, Kebbi State

Oh yeah, the long awaited moment has come, after the stress of biometric registration and capturing and the expectation of printing of call-up letters, and here you have it, you have been deployed to Kebbi State, The Land of Equity. So many screams, so many mood swings, so many calls and so many dreams of life-in-Lagos-camp has been shattered.

Since nothing can be done at the moment until after the orientation camp, it is therefore advised to start making plans on how to enjoy the next 21 days in the state you have been deployed to.

For many of you, that will be in the Dakingari Orientation camp, Kebbi State, here are the things you need to know so as to have an awesome time in Kebbi. Trust me, I enjoyed it without having all these full knowledge.

1. Dakingari still got those facilities:

Dakingari is one of the newly constructed camps in the country and this means that every of its facilities are new and intact; from the hostels, to the mattress, the toilets, water closets, availability of electricity with the help of a massive generating plants, the halls and sound systems are still intact and working perfectly. This means that all the basic things you will need to make life convenient for you throughout your stay in camp is assured.

The state government had made sure everything needed is  provided  including games and sport activities and medical centre for the sick (fully equipped). The pavilion was recently completed to save the corpers from the scorching sun during lectures or parades or visit of any top officials.

Dakingari boasts of being one of the best camps in the country.

2. Maximum security guaranteed:

We all know that one of the major concerns of parents and guardians is the issue of security especially in the northern part of the country.This is quite understandable but the good news is that Kebbi state has never been a victim of terrorism or insurgency.

The state is peaceful and calm as everyone keeps to their daily activities while extending their hospitality to everyone and this has been extended to the camp. The camp is heavily guarded with armed soldiers who operate 24/7. This you will testify to when you get here. So be rest assured that you are safe in Kebbi including your properties.

3. Need cash?

In Dakingari camp, there is only one ATM machine, owned by to Access Bank and trust me, it can be so jam-packed any day any time. This also leads to service issues but never worry, there is an alternative suitable for all.

POS services are available, where you transfer the money you need to the provider’s account and he gives you cash, but this comes with a service charge which is 10% of every transaction. So if you need cash, walk up to them at the mammy market, insert your ATM, make transfer and get your cash (Q.E.D).

4. Mammy Market:

unfortunately, like the normal belief that everything in mammy is extremely expensive, this is true but Dakingari mammy market is not as expensive as we all thought it is. You can get a bucket for #400, bathroom slippers for #300, white canvas for as low as #1300. I guess this is relatively cheap compared to other mammy markets.

One thing I can guarantee you is that you get everything you need in the camp. Once you are ready to pay then you are good to go.

5. Enjoy the Ride:

No matter where you are coming from, just ensure you look at the map to know what you are up to.

Dakingari camp is very far; if you are coming from the southwest or far east, get ready for at least a 10-hour dusty road trip.You will be amazed at the distance and things you will see during the journey.

Avoid heavy clothes and shoes while travelling, just be comfortable and avoid travelling sophisticated because sooner or later the journey will define you.

You might want to ask about flights? Sure, there are airlines that fly to Sokoto and then you continue your road trip to Dakingari which takes about two hours.

6. Obey Rules & Regulations:

Kebbi state has her values and likewise NYSC has its core values which they respect and cherish a lot. This you will witness while in camp as the camp director will keep telling you about them and failure to adhere to such rules and regulations leads to dangerous consequences.

This has been their main guideline in keeping the camp safe. Ensure you obey every rules and regulation because the last thing you will ever wish for is the severe and wicked punishments from the soldiers or the axing judgement on decamping defaulters.

Examples of such rules; no alcohol is allowed in the camp, sharp objects are not allowed, electrical appliances are not allowed and no fight of whatsoever is encouraged. I don talk my own o. A word is enough for the wise.

7. Weather:

Get ready for the extreme. In Kebbi state every season is always at the extreme. The hot weather is extremely hot likewise the harmattan and the rainy season.

So be prepared and ready to serve the country.

8. NYSC Officials:

I hope you meet the same NYSC officials the Batch B Stream 2 corps members were opportuned to meet in the camp. Every department proved to be very understanding, easy to approach for issues and inquiries, very friendly and accommodating.

All officials were always on their best performance to ensure our stay in Kebbi worthwhile. From the administration, to the Kitchen, Security, Information Centre, Hostel and Accommodation, Welfare and so on. It really made me to have the belief that  northerners are really nice people.

9. Events & Programs:

Every NYSC event is a sure thing to be carried out, not a single event is  overlooked in Dakingari camp.

Everyday meditation, parades, Man-O-War drills, social nights, carnival, camp fire night, food competition, SAED lectures, platoon activities, sport and games competition are all diligently carried out .

So as much as you are in for strenuous parades and drills, get ready for entertainment and fun because Dakingari Camp’s got you covered.

10. Posting:

For those that are ready to stay, Kebbi has 21 local governments and be very sure that everyone will be posted to all local governments in the state. Here is the trick; if you want to be in the business area or state capital, ensure to participate in programs and events because that is the only way you can be rewarded with places like the state capital Birinin Kebbi, Jega,  Zuru, Argungun and other local governments. Other local government ain’t that bad though; just that many activities occurs around these local governments.

Don’t let any soldier fool you to have sex with him so as to ensure your posting; most of them don’t even know when the posting is done. Be wise so as not to lose both dignity and good posting.

With this little information about Dakingari camp, I believe I’ve whet your appetite on your arrival and after your experience, I am so sure that your redeployment will be placed on hold. This is because there are many opportunities  available in the land. This will be clear to you during the course of the training.

So here I am wishing you a wonderful orientation ahead as you enjoy every bit of it.

 Love, from a Kebbi Corper.
 Adediji Ayomide

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