BUK School of Continuing Education Part-Time Fees -2016/17

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The Management of Bayero University Kano (BUK) has released the School of Continuing Education Part-Time programme school fees payment schedule and procedure for 2016/2017 academic session.
The registration fees are as follows;
General Charges
General Chareges
1B.A. (Ed) Adult Education₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
2B.A. (Ed) Arabic₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
3B.A. (Ed) English₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
4B.A. (Ed) Hausa₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
5B.A. (Ed) History₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
6B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
7B.A. (Ed) Library Science₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
8B.A. (Ed) Special Education₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
9B.A. Arabic₦27,000₦24,000₦50,000₦77,000₦74,000
10B.A. English₦27,000₦24,000₦50,000₦77,000₦74,000
11B.A. Hausa₦27,000₦24,000₦50,000₦77,000₦74,000
12B.A. Islamic Studies₦27,000₦24,000₦50,000₦77,000₦74,000
13B. Nursing Science₦30,000₦27,000₦100,000₦130,000₦127,000
14B.Sc. (Ed) Economics₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
15B.Sc. (Ed) Geography₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
16B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
17B.Sc. Accounting₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
18B.Sc. Banking and Finance₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
19B.Sc. Business Administration₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
20B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
21B.Sc. Economics₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
22B.Sc. Geography₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
23B.Sc. International Relations₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000
24B.Sc. Mathematics₦27,000₦24,000₦50,000₦77,000₦74,000
25B.Sc. Public Administration₦30,000₦27,000₦50,000₦80,000₦77,000

 Registration fees are reflected on student’s BUKPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform (Visit http://mybuk.buk.edu.ng/sce2017/paymentprocedure.php for the payment procedure).
Make sure you carefully read, understand and follow the payment procedure, as BUK will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry.
Students must make sure that they entered ALL the information of the BUKPPF EXACTLY. Students must also ensure that;
  • Name of MDA
  • Name of Service /Purpose
  • Description
  • Amount to Pay (₦)
  • Registration No.
  • Payer’s Full Name
  • Payer’s Email
  • Payer’s Phone
are captured exactly as they are written on the BUKPPF. Note that Payer (Payer’s Full Name, Payer’s Email, Payer’s Phone) means the student, so even if the student is not the one making the payment (payment by proxy) make sure to use the student information.
Any misinformation may lead to unnecessary delay in validating and processing of payment. Payments are usually validated and processed within 24/48 hours of making payment.

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