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Sunday, August 12

Hajj: How Nigeria can surmount low patronage – Comerel MD

The Managing Director of the Comerel Travels and Tours Limited, Ustaz Abubakr Siddeeq Muhammad, has said the diversification of the nation’s economy from the predominant oil will increase the number of intending pilgrims to perform the hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.
He said on Sunday during the 12th Hajj Induction 2018 course for intending pilgrims of the organisation, in Abuja, that the low patronage was due to the nation’s state of the economy and is not peculiar to Nigeria.
According to him, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) deserves commendation in the face of the present challenges, due to the commission’s initiatives to assist intending pilgrims, private operators and others in the business of holy pilgrimage.
“In the life of every business, there is usually a moment when you experience low patronage as we are experiencing this year. This does not however reduce our standard that we are known for. NAHCON has been very supportive to us and others. One of the ways to ensure the return of high patronage is the diversification of the nation’s economy from relying on oil alone.
“Private businesses should be further encouraged to help the government as the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is working hard in this respect,” he said.
The Ameerul (leader) Hajj of the organisation, Mallam Saidu Ishaq, urged the participants at the induction to take the rites of hajj seriously and avoid distractions that can hinder them from getting maximum reward for the exercise.
According to him, many pilgrims, especially first timers, are unable to distinguish the three types of hajj and which one they are going for.
“So it is important for you (intending pilgrims) to be well acquainted with hajj rites. Many do not seek knowledge before they travelled and only resolved to do what they sees others doing. Secondly, many also indulge in mundane talks and discussions instead of concentrating on ibaadah (acts of worship).
“There are also some, that despite their being in Makkah chose to pray in other masjid (mosques) other than the Ka’abba, where they can get the reward of 100,000 for each sallah compared to other masjid,” he said.