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Saturday, October 13

2019 polls: Centre sues for peace

The Centre for Peace, and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ) has called on all the presidential candidates of the various political parties to conduct peaceful campaigns ahead of the general elections.

National Coordinator of the centre, Sheriff Mulade, at a briefing in Abuja on Saturday, called on the political parties participating in the elections to propagate the message of a violent free electoral process.

He said the centre would monitor the campaigns of the various political parties within the framework of justice and peaceful advocacy.

Mulade said: “Nigeria is strategic to global peace as the country remains the most populous Black Country in the world and the most populated African nation.

“With the significant position it occupies in the globe, Nigeria’s activities are constantly under watch by the international community.

“Therefore, Nigeria cannot afford to be in conflict internally because of the coming general elections.

“The various political parties and their presidential candidates must strive to make history by ensuring peaceful electioneering campaign period.

“The presidential candidates must realise that they are first and foremost Nigerian citizens before becoming flag bearers of their various political parties.”