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Friday, November 9

Many ‘killed’ in Mogadishu bomb blasts

No fewer than 15 persons were Friday killed in triple bomb blasts at Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital city.

The recent attacks came at the heels of the murder if four civilians by terrorists suspected to be members of the Al-Shabaab group.

It was gathered that the Improvised Exclusive Devices (IEDs) were planted in vehicles which were abandoned at target locations and detonated with the use of remote controls.

Two of the bombs, The Nation learnt, exploded at a hotel near Somalia’s Criminal Investigations Department.

Our Correspondent who was on-board a Mine Resistant and Ambush Protective (MRAP) vehicle enroute an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp at Darkhnelyne, had heard two loud explosions at about 10am, but policemen accompanying the armoured tank told played down the cause of the blasts to avoid apprehension.

However, hours later, news filtered in that casualties were recorded.

A source who spoke to The Nation said there was intelligence report that VIEDs had been in the capital since last week.

He said: “The threats have been very high. We got information that VIEDs have been in the capital since last week and security forces have been trying to locate them. We do not know the exact casualty recorded at the moment. That was why you people were hurried off the IDP camp and returned to secure zone.”

AMISOM Force Public Information Officer Colonel Omuega said first responders had been deployed to the scene and were yet to return.

“I cannot give you detailed information at the moment. First responders have been deployed and they are yet to return. You will get details when they get back,” Omuega said at a dinner organised for visiting journalists Friday night.