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Wednesday, June 26

Meet Nigerian billionaire Bode Akindele; business tycoon, philanthropist and founder of Modondola Groups

There are billionaires and there are billionaires, but only few of these stupendously rich mortals are legitimate, genuine, authentic and very clean and open about how they made their millions, billions and trillions if you like. One man who belongs to this latter group of legitimate rich men and women is Chief Bode Akindele, the Parakoyi of Ibadanland. Because of his transparent tremendous wealth and philanthropic generosity, Chief Bode Akindele has become one of the most famous business magnates in Nigeria, Africa and even the entire universe.

Chief Bode Akindele is a Nigerian billionaire and one of the richest individuals in Africa. He hails from Oyo state and is popularly known as the Parakoyi of Ibadan-land. Chief Bode Akindele is a business tycoon. His business centres majorly on maritime, properties, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. 

He started his education at Olubi Memorial School, Ibadan and later moved to Lisabi Grammar School, Abeokuta. 

Chief Akindele started his business career with the invention of Modondola Group of Companies with interest in manufacturing, real estate, maritime and agriculture. 

Fast-forward, Modondola group became popular in Nigeria, and so Akindele decided to spread his tentacles outside the shores of the country. Thereafter, he moved to the United Kingdom where he registered his name as a corporate player in properties which then gave birth to the Fairgate Group. 

A group that deals majorly in properties in the streets of London.

A catalogue of his business empire will astound anyone getting to know this information for the first time, and all these tentacles of his business empire are verifiable. That he has over the years been steadily consolidating his vast business network, thus transforming him into a successful and auspicious businessman, is not in any way conjectural but a real fact with proofs to show for it. 

Despite his achievements in London, he did not bask in the euphoria of his riches and that prompted his interest in Swedish market where most people believed he had the biggest breakthrough of his business career. 

Today, he controls more than one-third of the world’s match market. Subsequently, he moved to the United states where he also invested in properties as well as blue-chip American companies.

His successes have attracted visitors, clergymen and well-wishers who have come to felicitate with him during the live broadcast of his annual service of ‘Nine Lessons and Carols’ in collaboration with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), at his residence.

Chief Akindele’s wealth did not stop him from participating in religious activities, according to him, the Christmas Carol started in 1980 among his family members. But in 1992, it became big and in the last 26 years, it has become a national broadcast during Christmas.

Chief Akindele is happily married with many successful children in Nigeria and beyond. 

For the record, Chief Akindele, a man of easy nature and mien, is extremely wealthy and this definitely ranks him comfortably in the top hierarchy of the few authentic billionaires in the country.

Today, even if Chief Akindele is known more for his business acumen, his knack for philanthropy and generosity knows no bounds as he is said to have single handedly sponsored many projects and using his financial clout to better the condition of the underprivileged, irrespective of their tribe, religion or sex. Chief Akindele is indeed a billionaire par excellence.