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Wednesday, July 3

Five things you may not know about Senator Elisha Abbo

Here are things you might not know about the controversial Senator Elisha Abbo who assaulted a lady in a sec toy shop on Abuja in a viral video.

1. He once sued the authorities of the Nigerian Naval Training College, Port Harcourt for not admitting him on the grounds of his health status.

2. Abbo was caught assaulting a woman inside a sex shop in Abuja. On responding to the criticisms, he claimed that the shop owner called him a drunk.

3. Although he identifies with Muslim communities that form a large part of his constituencies, Senator Abbo is a Christian and believer of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the Holy Bible.

4. Currently, there are agitations for his arrest following the viral spread of the CCTV video where he was seen assaulting the shop attendant alongside a police officer.

5. His wife, Emily Eric, defended him publicly even after the allegations made against him.

She took to her Facebook page, saying ” I stand with you banana. And we will always stand for truth. My husband is innocent of what people are saying against him”