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Sunday, July 14

Nepal’s flooding: Death toll rises to 43

The death toll in flooding in Nepal has risen to at least 43, while 24 others have gone missing after heavy rains triggered floods and landslides across the country, officials said on Sunday.

Torrential monsoon rains have hit 30 of the country’s 77 districts over the past week, including the capital Kathmandu, triggering landslides and floods.

Police spokesman Ramesh Thapa confirmed that the death toll had risen to 43, with 20 people injured in the disaster.

More than 1,100 people have been rescued in several parts of the country in the last three days, the spokesman added.

Around 27,000 security forces have been deployed in the areas affected by the floods and landslides.

Nepal’s largest river, the Koshi, which flows into the north Indian state of Bihar, had risen above dangerous level, according to the weather forecasting division.

According to dpa news, the monsoon in Nepal, which lasts from July to September, triggers disastrous landslides and flooding every year, killing hundreds of people.