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Friday, July 12

OGITECH students cry for justice over SUG election

Oluwafunmilayo Adefila

The Students of Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa, on Thursday, cried out over the injustice in the Students Union Government election 2019/2020.

The election process that was conducted yesterday was said not to be fair and credible enough, and there are proofs in recording both in audio and video,  that shows that there was rigging in the election process.

The SUG aspirant Adedeji Adebola, popularly known as Aluta Doctor, said"Two weeks back, a computer-based test was done and every student was able to do the test,  which virtually all these students that did CBT their names are on portal,  so why yesterday election time their names are no longer on the portal?.

"In Science Laboratory Tech alone, students are over 1000 and just 350 matriculation number that falls within 350 were printed as eligible voters, over 950 students names weren't printed out in SLT.

"Despite the fact that Students Electoral Committee (SUECO)said the criteria for voting is their identity card but the staffs said that those that their names are not in the list are not eligible to vote due to some payment that has not been made.

"The same thing happened to mass communication students, despite the fact that the two departments didn't vote,  students from Bussiness Administration were the one that voted,  all aspirant with the opposition  under reformation emerged, except Assistant General Secretary and the president.

"The vice president from Mass Communication emerged with 1,418 votes, despite it was Business Administration that voted.

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The Public Relation Executive aspirant that emerged with 1,318 votes is from the architecture department with as very high margin,  imagine all our aspirants emerges with high margin".

He said before the election started Students told the Dean of Students Affairs, Mr. Odutola to count the ballot paper, that claimed 5000ballots papers with no proves.

Mr. Odutola Yemi refused to count with aid of the SUECO the ballot papers.

The ballot box was carried inside a closed house, It wasn’t counted in the face of the general student populace.

The Students cries out and said there is a clearly proves that the election was inconclusive and so we ask for a re-run of the presidential election or else we want a fractional union.