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Wednesday, December 4

18 Indian workers, five others die in gas blast in Sudan

At least 18 Indian workers were among the 23 killed in an LPG tanker blast at a ceramic factory in north Khartoum Sudan, the Press Trust of India reported on Wednesday, quoting the Indian High Commission in the country.

Over 130 people injured in the fire ignited by the explosion.

Around 68 Indians were working in the Salomi Ceramics Factory before the blast. Thirty four survived.

Eyewitnesses in the Sudanese capital said the tanker exploded while a shipment was being unloaded.

Doctors at Bahari Hospital in north Khartoum made an urgent appeal for all medical personnel to come to the hospital to help treat the burn victims.

“I could see in one [ward] seven injured and in another ward there were 12 injured, and all of them are in critical condition where they are unable to see or talk,” reporter Michael Atit told VOA’s South Sudan in Focus.

Atit said eyewitnesses told him the injured were people who had been sitting outside the factory and that “people who were in the factory, none of them survived, none of them actually came out.”

After the incident in the Bahri area in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, 16 Indians were found missing on Tuesday.

“As per latest reports, but so far not confirmed officially, 18 are dead,” the Indian Embassy said in a release.

“Some of the missing may be in the list of dead which we are still to receive as identification is not possible because of the bodies being burnt,” it added.

On Wednesday, the Indian embassy issued a detailed list of Indians who were hospitalised, went missing or survived the tragedy. As per its data, 7 people have been hospitalised, with four in critical condition.

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