Covid-19: Stop test levy now – Oginni warns Gov. Abiodun

The Chairman of New Nigeria People’s Party in Ogun State, Comrade Oginni Olaposi Sunday who doubled as IPAC Chairman has called on Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to stop with immediate effect Covid 19 Test Levy imposed on Private school students who are resuming back to School hostels.

Oginni made this known in a statement signed in Abeokuta on Sunday, he said, “It’s saddened that the Governor of Ogun State allowed some unscrupulous elements in his kitchen cabinets to advise him wrongly on a very sensitive issues of education and health of Ogun State Children.”

“We hereby call on GOV DAPO ABIODUN to quickly reverse this obnoxious policy.”

“The aides of Gov Dapo Abiodun needed to know that Covid 19 is war needed to be fought and won without discrimination.”

“The discrimination in the testing and payment of Bill for Covid 19 by Public and Private Schools make nonsense of the whole exercise.”

“We hereby implore the Governor of Ogun State not to allow charlatans in his cabinet to set him up on collision with the public.”

“I have repeatedly warned the Governor and his aides to think outside the box in the approach and strategies to combat the dreaded virus to no avail.”

“However , the Government of NNPP, if we are the one in Government, would have made the Covid 19 Test free for every student and every teacher.”

“The Government was silent on who pays for private schools teachers Covid 19 Test.”

“We are using this medium to educate the Government agents flying this inglorious business kite , that it’s wrong to make business out of health issues most especially a pandemic.”

“We hereby appeal to the good people of Ogun State most especially Parents to remain calm with the hope that the Governor will see reason to abolish the obnoxious policy.”

“Lastly, we are reiterating our earlier call on the Governor to make public the billions of Naira received as donations on Covid 19 from individuals, private organizations, corporate bodies and International Groups, Oginni added.

“It’s the primary responsibility of Government to combat the pandemic without unnecessarily putting the burden on already economically battered parents. The act of asking Parents who were on lockdown for months without palliatives to start looking for money to pay for the Covid 19 Test is too bad, he concluded.

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