Banditry: Zamfara group writes President Buhari


A group, Concerned Moriki Indigenes in Zamfara State, led by its Chairman, Alhaji Salisu Muhammad Moriki, has written an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari over the worsening security situation in Moriki and neighbouring towns.

According to the letter, the group raised serious concerns that over 100 houses have been invaded by bandits in Moriki town in the Zurmi Local Government Area of the state, saying that the road has become a death zone for commuters.

The group lamented that for over a month now, there have been incessant attacks that call for a well-coordinated security network.

“We want to let you know that in the last one month, Moriki town has come under the control and influence of bandits raging havoc to residents via kidnap, killing and all sort of terrorism with no effort from the security operatives to curb the constant menace.

“More than a hundred houses have been invaded by bandits within a month. We have been carved out from the rest of the state and country at large because the road to Moriki is now impassable. it has been taken over by bandits and their cohorts.

“From Kaura to Moriki to Shinkafi have become a dead zone for motorists and residents. There’s no day bandits would not attack either the road, towns or both with no resistance from security personnel. The road has been deserted by motorists and other lawful users.

“These days, it is hard to have commercial vehicles that would carry passengers from Kaura to Moriki to Shinkafi for fear of being killed or kidnapped by bandits.

“The bandits are having field days in this road because they now operate at any time of the day. They operate in the morning, afternoon, evening or in night, depending on when they wish to. They are now the unofficial custodians of this road.

“They have taken several days operating along Kaura – Moriki – Shinkafa way very comfortably, kidnapping, maiming and killing innocent people at will. Moriki town and its environs have now become the bandits’ centre for operations and other illicit activities.

“Within a month, bandits have killed tens of people and kidnapped hundreds along Moriki – Shinkafi road. Some of the flashpoints of bandits’ operation along this road include Gidan ‘yan bita, Kwanar Boko, Hawan Bakwai, Dabin Jaya, Kwanar Jalaf, Junction to Shinkafi – Gidan Gobirawa. These are the most deadly spots.

“Your Excellency sir, as we are writing this letter to you, the health system of the entire Moriki town has collapsed as the General hospital has been deserted by the people like the relatives of the patients evacuated them for security reasons.

“The people of this town are farmers and traders, but all their economic activities have been collapsed. They couldn’t attend to their farms for fear of being killed or kidnapped and they couldn’t visit the markets because bandits have taken over the road. They are now being confined and incarcerated in the town alone. While they couldn’t go out of the town, they are also not safe in their houses.

“Economic activities, education of our children are in the dying stage as all the government schools in the state have been closed for the whole academic year for the deteriorating security situation in the state. Our children have even forgotten the way to their schools because of the long time they have taken sitting at home.

“Mr President, sir, in Moriki town, it has become usual for the bandits to operate in the town. They either kidnap or kill their victims almost on daily basis. Many indigenes, especially those who are not living there are being prevented from visiting their origin to see their parents and relatives for fear of being killed or kidnapped. If one is lucky to escape the road, he might not be lucky to come out from the town safely.

“Bandits’ attacks and kidnappings have now become the usual happenings in this axis while the otherwise is the unusual. I believe only our humble emir is left living there among the creams of the town. All those who have the opportunity have left the town to protect their lives.

“The most annoying is that we are being abandoned and left with our fates. Our Senator, House of Reps and House of Assembly members, our minister of humanitarian affairs, who happens to be from our Local Government Area and other political appointees, nobody is saying anything.

“The state government is out of idea as this phenomenon had gone beyond the confines of the states, we believe. Your Excellency sir, as the commander in chief, we urge you to discharge your constitutional primary responsibility of protecting the lives and property of your subjects – we solicit for the deployment of more troops to this axis for the proper provision of security to the people of Moriki and environs.

“At present, we have been abandoned by the authorities concerned and left at the mercy of the bandits.”

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