2023: Electoral Act has thrown thugs out of business – Rep Abejide


Member representing Yagba East/West/Mopamuro Federal Constituency of Kogi State, Hon Leke Abejide, has said the amended Electoral Act has thrown thugs out of business in 2023 elections.

He said one of the best legislative activities that has taken place was the courageous amendment of the Electoral Act by the 9th National Assembly, which he said has strengthened political processes.

Hon. Abejide, who is the House Committee Chairman on Customs and Excise, spoke at a media interview on his perspective on the next elections, argued that the next general election was going to be personality-based than political party advantage as used to be.

According to him, the amended Electoral Act has put confidence in the people, such that well meaning citizens are now making themselves available to contest for political offices.

The lawmaker, who won election on the minority Action Democratic Congress (ADC) in 2019 general election amid alleged rigging and electoral irregularities in Kogi State and who still maintained his party platform was asked if he envisaged a free and fair election in 2023.

He insisted that the narrative of rigging has changed, even as votes cast would now be electronically transmitted, while he urged voters to cooperate with the system in the interest of the nation.

He said: “The electioneering process has been strengthened through the electoral act. It has more benefits now. That’s why you see more credible people coming out now for elective positions because they see that votes now will count.

“You see, elections before now were usually rigged from collation centres, but now, the election is going to be won from the polling units.

“The moment you vote, the results are already counting. Even if you are voting from the other side, the situation room they are seeing it. If they like they should come and scatter and take the ballot box, the results are there.”

“Now all electronic gadgets can be used during elections. So they can be used as evidence in the court. It’s going to be more transparent.

“Election is going to be clean and clear. It will help the masses to enjoy more because anybody in power will know that if he or she did not perform, he will not come back.

“The thugs will have less work this time. Their mode of operations is to waylay ballot boxes and when you are popular, it’s difficult for any thug to thrive because when they look at what is on ground and see that they cannot operate, they will go quietly.”

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