EPL: Kevin De Bruyne names best manager in the world


Kevin De Bruyne has named his manager at the Etihad, Pep Guardiola, as the best in the world.

De Bruyne arrived in Manchester in 2015 and Guardiola came in a year later.

Both men have been instrumental in getting City to a great position in the Premier League but are yet to win a European Cup at the club.

After last year’s final defeat to Chelsea, De Bruyne remains optimistic Manchester City will the trophy this season.

“The Champions League is always a big one,” he told Metro.

“We tried to win it before, now we try to win it again. We’ve always been there in the latter stages, now we will try, I will try and give it everything.”

He also credited Guardiola with giving many of their Premier League rivals an identity.

“When he came in he gave me a lot of confidence. Tactically I think he is the best in the world,” De Bruyne claims.

“He has his philosophy and that is what he sticks by. People don’t always understand, but it’s his way of life.

“Half the Premier League now play in the same way as he does but he will always have done it first.”

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