War: Boris Johnson reveals what Putin would do if defeated by Ukraine, rules out nuclear weapons


British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has insisted that he does not see Russian President, Vladimir Putin using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Johnson said this when asked whether he sees the possibility that Putin may deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine if his country faced defeat in the ongoing war.

The Prime minister spoke during a sit-down interview with Britain’s “Talk TV”, after Russia Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov on Monday said there is the possibility of his country deploying its chemical weapons.

However, Johnson noted that instead of using nuclear weapons, the Russian leader can easily back down and withdraw his forces because he had the “political space”.

“[Putin] could come to a point, when you look and say to the Russian people: The military technical operation that we launched in Ukraine has been accomplished.

“We had to go into to accomplish certain protectors to protect the rights of certain people, that’s been done,” Johnson said.

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