War: Russia wants to wipe us off earth’s surface – Ukrainian commander cries out


A Ukrainian military commander, Serhiy Volyna, has warned that Russian military forces are trying to wipe the southern city of Mariupol “off the face of the Earth.”

The commander, who is currently in Mariupol, told CNN that Russian forces have encircled them in Mariupol for more than 40 days now.

He described the situation as a humanitarian catastrophe, adding that the Ukrainian forces involved in active hostilities in the region are completely surrounded.

The general said that the supply of water, food, medication and general supply has been seriously affected by the situation.

Serhiy Volyna is the deputy commander of the Marine Battalion in Mariupol and has been fighting in the region since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.

“We have been encircled in Mariupol for more than 40 days. The enemy outnumbers us and in terms of weaponry, their artillery, they have sea-based artillery, tanks, armored vehicles and of course mortars. It is difficult for us,” Volyna said.

“It’s just air bombardment… They are just wiping the city off the face of the Earth and wherever any reinforcements they are also using their tanks to crush that,” he continued.

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