UCL: We’re disappointed – Liverpool react after French police used pepper spray, teargas on fans


Liverpool have slammed UEFA over the use of pepper spray and teargas by French police on their fans.

Liverpool said they would request a full and thorough investigation into the matter to unravel what really transpired outside Stade de France that delayed kickoff against Real Madrid for 36 minutes.

UEFA has already blamed Liverpool fans for the incident, accusing them of pushing to gain entrance into the stadium with fake tickets

The Premier League giants expressed disappointment that a good number of their fans could not witness the showpiece.

“We are hugely disappointed at the stadium entry issues and breakdown of the security perimeter that Liverpool fans faced this evening at Stade de France,” read a statement on Liverpool’s website.

“This is the greatest match in European football and supporters should not have to experience the scenes we have witnessed tonight.

“We have officially requested a formal investigation into the causes of these unacceptable issues.”

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