My liver deteriorating, I’ve been waiting several months – Newcastle ex-star cries out


An England ex-international, Kieron Dyer has cried out over liver failure.

Dyer, a former Ipswich Town, Newcastle United, West Ham United, Queens Park Rangers and Middlesbrough star said he has been waiting several months to get a transplant.

He told Daily Mail that, “If I don’t have the transplant, my liver will pack in and there would be nothing they could do for me.”

The former England international said that he is increasingly getting fatigued but has been ignored because he is “not in the super-urgent category.”

According to the 33-year-old, he is likely to wait for a few more months and by then his “liver has really deteriorated before I am called in.

“There are not enough livers for the demand of people who need them.

“My greatest hope is that, whoever’s liver I get, I do that person proud…”

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