2023: Survey warns against moving election, says 74% of Nigerians do not feel safe


Ahead of the forthcoming 2023 presidential election, the Chief Executive Officer of NOI Polls, Dr Chike Nwangwu on Tuesday revealed that 74% of Nigerians no longer feel safe living in the country.

Chike, disclosed this while speaking with Journalists during a public presentation of a survey on ‘Crime, Security and Kidnapping in Nigeria’.

“One of the key things from the survey is that a lot of Nigerians do not feel Nigeria is safe. If I am going to put the number is it about 74% of Nigerians? These are very concerning numbers, we feel that this topic is important for us to put on the news right now.

“As we are in an election period, presidential candidates should tell us what they will be doing to address the issue of insecurity.

“This was a nationwide survey done by face-face interviews. The poll represents the view of adult Nigerians. We spoke to about 1,600 Nigerians on their perceptions about insecurity”, he stated.

Meanwhile, a security expert, Dr Kabiru Adamu explained that efforts by the federal government in tackling insecurity in Nigeria are not yielding enough results as the menace seems to have heightened ahead of the forthcoming general election.

“What the survey did was to challenge or reinforce some of the narratives that exist. Policymakers genuinely interested in addressing the insecurity challenge will find the report handy.

Speaking on the impact of the insecurity survey on the forthcoming election he said, “It is not an option, We should have an election, it will help to reinforce our democracy. Anything that will effect the free flow of democracy should not be affected. I don’t think the issue of not conducting should come up. What we should focus on is the integrity of the election, here with the electoral law, this is possible. I am not in doubt about the certainty of the election.

“The question of enough and not enough is dependent on the outcome, I think the government has given priority to security, unfortunately, the results are not meeting the yearnings and aspirations of Nigeria”, he stated.

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