Osun Examination Board bill scales second reading


The Osun State Examination Board bill 2022 has scaled through second reading at the Plenary of the Osun State House of Assembly.

Remarking during the plenary, the Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, Timothy Owoeye, noted that the Osun Examination Board bill would be of good advantage for the state if passed into law.

Owoeye also noted that the bill would enhance training for the examiners in the state.

According the him, “The Osun Examination Board bill will add value to conduct of examination and education sector if passed into law.

“One of the benefit to be derived from the bill is that examination malpractice will be curbed among students.”

The Speaker also assured that the bill, when passed into law, would also serve as training ground for examiners across the state.

The House Majority Leader, Maroof Olanrewaju, while enumerating the benefits of the bill noted that lots of benefits would be derived by the state if the bill is passed into law.

Olanrewaju also assured that the Osun Examination Board would facility changes in examination conducts in the state.

In his words, “The bill would promote the education policy of the government and regulate examinations conducts in the state.

“The bill would also provide consultancy services for examiners and examination writers in the state.”

Olanrewaju also added that when the bill becomes law, it would improve the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

“The bill will be liaison between government and private schools in the state.

“Examination malpractice will be eliminate in education sector if the bill passed into law” he added.

While assuring that the bill would empower the board to cancel and withhold the result of culprits involved in examination malpractices, he urged for speedy passage of the bill for good people of the students and state.

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