Guber Polls: APC chieftain tasks Abians to vote people-oriented leaders


An All Progressives Congress Chieftain, Mazi Emma Uche, has harped on responsive leadership in Abia State to engender genuine economic growth and infrastructural development in all facets of the state.

He said the time is now for all electorates in Abia State to take their destinies into their hands and stop the continuous mortgage of their destinies by political moneybags who mean nothing to the state.

Uche was speaking on the backdrop of the forthcoming March 18th governorship and state houses of assembly elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) across many states in Nigeria federation.

The former Local Government Area chairmanship candidate of the All Progressives Congress alleged that Abia has been relegated to the background and left to suffer infrastructural decadence, economic morass, poor security architecture, joblessness/youth restiveness, political instability and poor standard of education and health delivery system.

He maintained that Abia’s lost glories can be restored and recovered if the citizens decide to get it right in the coming march 18th 2023 governorship and state houses of assembly polls in the state.

Uche further lamented the alleged inability of the successive legislative arm of government in Abia State to make impactful and productive laws to address the myriads of challenges bedevilling the state and enhance the welfare of the people and as well as foster the needed transformation in every sector of the state’s economy.

“Abia is in dire need of purposeful and responsive government. A government where her citizens will have access to potable water, improved Infrastructure, effective and improved security architecture, functional healthcare delivery system, enhanced and tuition-free education, massive construction of rural and urban roads etc.

“The Abia people need a workable state house of assembly where productive laws are made to enhance their welfare, raise the standard of their livelihoods, and as well as compelling the state lawmakers to sit up to do their biddings”.

“For the state house of assembly, I advise our people to only cast their votes for candidates with the requisite capacity to attract meaningful government amenities and projects towards enhancing their standard of living.

“Don’t vote or elect people who will go there to represent the interests of godfathers; the interest of their families and friends. Don’t waste your votes for people who will go there tomorrow and start sleeping, pocketing our commonwealth. This is the time we must get it right. We must rewrite the narrative for our good, and for the sake of our unborn.

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