I was expelled from university in my 3rd year – BBTitans’ Yvonne


Former Big Brother Titans finalist, Yvonne Godswill Awanga, has recounted how she was expelled from the university in her third year.

She said after her rustication she had to rewrite JAMB and apply for another university to start all over again.

The TV Reality star was featured in a recent interview with media personality, Hero Daniels.

She said, “I was involved in a fight. It was a messy situation. And I was in my third year. Not like it was an academic issue so you can imagine that kind of clumsy stup*d thing that will get you kicked out of school.

“My mom was so mad at me. She just like ‘You’ve joined bad gang.’ It was crazy! I did deliverance [in the church] because she thought something was wrong with me.

“Just my dad understood. You know lion no dey born goat. He was like ‘What’s your plan?’. I was like ‘I want to go back to school’. He was like ‘okay’. I had to write JAMB because I was rusticated. So, I had to like start all over again.”

She said by the time she got admitted into the new school, her coursemates at her former school already graduated.

“By the time I got into year one, my mates [at my former school] had graduated. I was sad. I was depressed. I was so bad that the next school I got to I couldn’t really bond with people because I felt like I was the mama of the class. I’m like three to four years older than the people in my class.”

Yvonne added that she would have bought a certificate but she wanted to experience school life.

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