Cross River govt suspends ‘quack pharmacists’


Commissioner for health in Cross River State, Dr Henry Egbe Ayuk has suspended vendors running a pharmacy at the State’s General Hospital, describing them as quacks.

He said they have contributed to the degree of anomalies bedeviling the hospital, adding that for over one year they have not done any remittance to the State’s coffers.

Ayuk took the action when he paid an unscheduled visit to the hospital on Monday evening, lamenting the dearth of qualified personnel.

“The people managing the pharmacy are not qualified. They do not have any background in pharmacy; so we do not know why they are there.

“As far as I am concerned, that place is a quack shop because it does not have the required personnel. How do you ensure quality assurance when you do not have even pharmacy technicians, which is a minimum requirement for such services?

“Accordingly, I have directed that there should be a review of the memorandum of understanding.

“I have asked that their services be suspended. Government officials (the Medical Superintendent, accountants of the hospital and Ministry of Health, hospital pharmacists, etc) have been directed to take charge, have a record of the stock balance, and ensure accountability in their operations until more effective arrangements are put in place.”

The Health Commissioner also appealed to those in charge of the laboratories to block revenue leakages through accountability.

He noted that a certain body was collecting about 15 percent of revenue generated in the hospital and distributing it to the appropriate quarters.

“We have also asked that they come to the office for their agreement to be looked into, too. We want to see exactly what value they are bringing to the hospital that guarantees the 15 percent they receive,” he stated.

He used the opportunity to commend the state branch of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, for restoring doctors’ services to hospitals after a 40-day halt.

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