How mechanic helped in arresting vehicle thief in Ogun


An auto mechanic has assisted operatives of the Ogun State Police Command in arresting one Mr Wariz Taofeek who allegedly stole a minibus.

Police spokesperson in Ogun, Omolola Odutola said on Friday that the suspect was apprehended on November 7, 2023 through the “brilliant verification skill of an automobile engineer in Ifo, Ogun State”.

Odutola stated that the Divisional Police Officer in Ifo nabbed the suspect while he was making attempts to alter the body of the vehicle.

According to her, the mechanic had become suspicious when Taofeek and another individual brought the mini bus marked, BDG 104 YH, to his workshop for repairs.

“Realizing that the vehicle might be stolen, the mechanic requested the necessary documents from the suspects, before he could commence repairs, which they were unable to provide. He also asked for the phone number of the rightful owner of the bus, but the suspects could not provide any particulars.

“In an attempt to deceive the mechanic, the suspects asked to use the mechanic phone to call the owner of the bus, hoping to insert their own SIM card. However, the mechanic’s quick wits allowed him to see through their ruse, and the suspect managed to escape the scene,” she stated.

The mechanic alerted the police, who swung into action and eventually apprehended Wariz.

“During the interrogation, Wariz confessed to have stolen the bus from Ikorodu,” the police spokesperson confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, “has expressed his admiration for the mechanic’s assistance in apprehending the culprits”, encouraging other artisans to follow his example.

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