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Thursday, June 14

Ex-Bauchi lawmaker, Iliyasu Zwall reveals what Governor Abubakar is doing to Dogara

Former Bauchi State Assembly member, Comrade Iliyasu Zwall has finally descended on governor Abubakar for allegedly sponsoring faceless groups to attack Speaker Dogara, using various medium of communication.

Zwall said in an interview that the trend must stop henceforth to avoid heating up the polity.

The aide to the speaker on Council Liaison added that such media calumny justifies that enemies of democracy are in the fever of losing elections in 2019.

” There is no root to the media calumny against Dogara allegedly sponsored by Abubakar in his desperation for second tenure where the agents lie that the speaker is hell bent on impeaching our amiable president just to sow a seed of discord between the Speaker and President Buhari,” Zwal fumed.

The former lawmaker stressed that no amount of media calumny will reduce and humiliate Dogara’s hard earned reputation.

He describe Abubakar’s alleged move to instigate the president against Dogara as a strategy to mend fence with the president over illegal declaration of Rivers state governorship election when elections were inconclusive and against Buhari.

” There is no match between Abubakar and Dogara in terms of executing direct bearing projects in the state. However, the governor only succeeded in deceiving the president to commission uncompleted projects in the state recently, only to organise media bashing against Dogara,” added Zwall

Zwall cautioned Abubakar and insisted that the governor comes up with his record of finance meant for APC during its trying period where it wrestled power from the PDP, saying that Dogara was instrumental to APC’s victory.

He maintained that Abubakar knew he was losing the election and is now devising a means to disparage Dogara’s image before the president.