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Thursday, June 21

People look down on my song because am disabled - Physically challenge rapper, RapTizen

Physically challenge rapper, Olamilekan Oluwaferanmi Odunlami, is an upcoming artiste who is versatile when it comes to indigenous raping ‘Yoruba’ has expressed displeasure over the way upcoming artiste especially the physically challenge ones are been treated and ridicule when they perform on stage. He however spoke on other issues relating to his career. Excerpt;

Why do you choose music as a career and what type of music are you into?
I don't only choose music as my career; I see music as my calling, so I do it with passion. Because, in situation whereby you are doing something, and people are loving it, that shows you are on the right part. I'm into Hip-hop music, whereby I can Rap, Sing and write songs. But, I am an Indigenous Rapper.

When did you actually start music?
I started music professionally around 2012 during my Senior Secondary School days. As at now, I have recorded more than 10 songs, to mention few Declaration, Ọmọge, Oma Toh Set", "Yéwá Street Cypher (Vol. 1)", "Ire (Adekunle Gold Cover)" "Love Me Tender", "Grind (Olamide Cover)" "Èwo Gèlè", "So Hard", "Ajigijaga (Murk Reminisce)" etc

Was there any opposition in any form from your parent, when you started music?
Not really. I even found it so surprising about how she always give me full support. To the extent that she always broadcast my song anytime I drop a track. One of my songs is even her ringtone, despite the fact that she didn't really like Hip-hop song.

Who are your mentors in the industry and why?
To be sincere, Olamide is someone I love his style of music as rapper. And as music artist, you must be versatile. And I'm sure he got that, he's unarguably my mentor when talking about Indigenous rap. But I also like Vector's style of music. Another artist that inspired my style of music is Adekunle Gold. Most of his songs are inspirational.

What is your source of inspiration?
I got inspired through people and something happening around me.

How did you derieve the name RapTizen?
(Laugh), the Nickname "RapTizen" in full mean "A Rap Citizen" and it was giving to me by a diehard fan, confusing right? Let me break it down, it really mean, someone "Born With Rap", I can flow or record naturally without taking any form of drugs or alcohol. Once I see or hear something that inspired me,    I flow with no stress, it always comes naturally. I hope I have clarified that?

If not music, what else would you rather do?
Smile... I will rather be a footballer. Football is a profession I like so much, but my physical challenge has deprived me from that. I remember, I'm always a goal keeper during my childhood, despite the physical challenge.

Any challenges so far?
Several times, Life has not been fair to someone like me, I just have to bleach it with prayers. Because, I believe there's not success story without a rough background.  I have encountered many challenges, to mention few. Different turn down by Mc, Producers, Djs, Show Organizers etc, whereby they will just look down on you, and even underrate your appearance. But it is normal sha. The most paramount now, is the financial aspect. Music is all about investing. Talent can not only take to limelight nowadays, artist need a good management that can run an effective promotion probably a standard record label.

Brief about your background?
My real names are Olamilekan Oluwaferanmi Odunlami, and my stage name is Darvies as it popularly called, born on October 10th 1993, into the family of Egunleti. I hailed from the western region of Ogun State (Yéwá South), where I was awarded both First School Leaving and O Level Certificates respectively. I grew Up in Owode Yéwá South, the neighboring city to Reminisce home town (Ajilete). I gained admission into Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, where I graduated as an ND Holder in Mass Communications in 2014. I participated at several competitions, to mention few; AMACOS Rap Battle, Airtel One Mic Campus Tour, Rapomania Challenge,  including different online competitions.

Your happiest moment as a musician?
My happiest moment was the day someone told me, how one of my fans place betting on me as the best rapper in my city. This really shows, how people really love my style of music and believe in me as a brand.  Although, I don't really know the person. But like seriously, I feel so motivated that day.

Saddest moment as a rapper?
Oh! Have experienced many sad moments, but the saddest moment so far, was the day I was invited for a very big show. Have been called up on stage for performances, but unfortunately, the DJ said he mistakenly deleted all my songs, which were sent to his laptop. Although I don't really know whether it is intentional, but like seriously, the shit really hurt me so much.

What do you want from the government?
Many things, to be frank, the government performance have not been impressive. But as an entertainer, I hope government can invest in the entertainment industry. Trust me; there are so many creative and talented youths out there, who aren't lazy. And I believe with that, Nigeria entertainment industry will develop beyond its current level.

You can contact Darvies RapTizen on his Direct Line for Booking, Sponsorship or Collaboration on 07066433311 or Email: [email protected]
Kindly his Official handles @Iamdarvies on Instagram/Twitter/SnapChat

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