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Friday, July 13

MUST READ: 4-year-old girl, Adisa Elizabeth Needs Emergency Financial Assistance

Adisa Elizabeth is a 4 year old girl first seen at the Tristate and Vascular Centre (Babcock University) Ilishan, Remo in November 2016.

She had been referred from the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta for an open surgery. She had presented with failure to thrive, difficulty in breathing and delay in achieving developmental mile stones. Subsequent echo cardiogram done in Abeokuta revealed congenital heart disease. (Ventricular Septal Defect)

She had been referred to the Tristate open heart programme for surgical intervention.

On examination at the Centre, she was a young child of with Pectus Carinatum. She was warm to touch. Vital Signs Temperature of 37.8, Heart rate of 160bpm, RR 56/min, SPO2 94% on room air.

There was a thrill at the Left Lower sternal border with grade 4/6 pan systolic murmur.

Examination of the chest and abdomen was without any other significant abnormality.

Echo cardiogram done at our Center revealed:

Large perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defect with Left to Right shunt.

Recommendation is surgical treatment as soon as possible i.e. Intra cardiac repair of Ventricular Septal Defect as well as Division of the muscle Bar causing Double chambered Right Ventricle.

Estimated cost

Below is the cost of the procedure

PROCEDURE FEE : N3,000, 000


Intensive Care Unit : (N150, 000 /night x 5 night) = N 750, 000
Stepdown Unit (Private Ward) : (45, 000/night x 5nights) = N225,000
Procedure : ( Operating Room Fees 200, 000 /hr x 3 hrs Estimated) = N600,000
Admission Consumables : N 445, 000
Operating Room Consumables and drugs : N 530, 000
Surgeon Fee : 500, 000
Perfusionist Fees : N 150, 000
Professional fees : (15% of 4,000, 000. 00) =N 600, 000
TOTAL = N4, 000, 000
DISCOUNT ALLOWED = N 1, 000, 000
………………………… = 3, 000, 000

The Bill covers only the stated procedure and the stipulated days as the extension on stay in ICU is the N 100, 000 per day and extension of stay in step down remain N 45, 000 per day excluding other examinations.

There will be an additional charge if the patient stays above the stipulated days both in ICU and step down.

We therefore call on Nigerians and organizations and government agencies and Parastatals to come to the aid of Adisa Elizabeth concerning the above subject matter.

You can make payment into the bank details below….



MRS. ABOSEDE ADISA – 09032830304


MR SESAN ADISA – 09066586665

Thanks as we look forward to your kind assistance and gesture on the subject matter.