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Wednesday, September 16

Ogun workers strike: Resign now because you are clueless of governance, NNPP chair, Oginni fires at Abiodun

The Ogun state chairman of New Nigeria Peoples Party, Comrade Olaposi Oginni has demanded for the resignation of the state governor, Dapo Abiodun over his inability to pay the state workers the new minimum wage. 

The NNPP chairman maintained that the refusal of the state government to pay the new minimum wage to workers shows how insensitivity the Abiodun-led administration is. 

He said this on Wednesday while reacting to the strike embarked by the workers of the state after the government reportedly refused to yield to their demands on minimum wage and other labour issues. 

Oginni who doubled as the state chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council  noted that the strike by the workers supposed to force the governor to resign. 

He insisted that the governor is not ready to serve the people of the state, stressing that Governor Abiodun’s resignation would have been the best thing for him to do. 

He further said the governor reportedly traveling out of the country despite the Labour leaders' agitations revealed how unconcern he is to the plight of the people of the state. 

His words, "I will advise Governor Dapo Abiodun to resign from office on the fact that the Ogun state Labour leaders and entire workers of Ogun State have passed vote of no confidence on the governor.

"As a matter of fact, the declaration of the Labour leaders that Governor Dapo Abiodun is an absentee governor is enough for the governor in a sane society to resign from office immediately. 

"The past sixteen months, Ogun state has witnessed grossly incompetence at the executive level of governance in Ogun state. 

"We the New Nigeria Peoples Party, we are not surprise that the Labour congress are now facing with the reality and the declaration of vote of no confidence on governor Dapo Abiodun is the fact on ground and we are leveraging on that by advising the governor and his cohorts to pack their bags and packages and leave Oke-Mosan for better people who are ready to govern the state the way it supposed to be. 

"We want to say that never in the history of Ogun State as governance been reduced to ridicule, mockery and the office of the governor being insulted in the highest level of shame on Facebook; most especially by the self acclaimed aides of Governor Dapo Abiodun who are misguided, and arrogant by telling us that they look at the book and that the finances of Ogun State is not enough to pay the good workers of the state who are labouring.

"We made bold to ask governor Dapo Abiodun whether he will be able to allow his oil company to be managed by these miscreants he is using as aides in government. I also believe that the governor cannot allow his appointees to manage his oil company for just a month and these are people that he has appointed to be mangers of sophisticated state like Ogun state.

"The insensitivity of the aides of Mr governor during this crisis, to us it is a kind of an insult to our collective sensitivity that after the workers have put up a red alert of asking the governor to accede to all their demands and their was an ultimatum to that effect. One of the aides of Mr governor was at Ibadan celebrating at a lavish organised birthday party for his wives and some of his girlfriends inviting 9ice to come and play using the looted money from the coffer of Ogun State government; this is an insult and disrespect for the good workers of the state. 

"The governor himself knowing fully that there was an ultimatum on ground, he did not address that he also jetted out of the country. It is very ridiculous of somebody that supposed to be a role model and good manager of human and resources of Ogun State. For the governor to have shown a sense of unconcern concerning this strike, we want to say that he has no business to be the governor of Ogun State henceforth.

"In a decent society, he supposed to put up the resignation letter that he can no longer supervise or govern the state like Ogun.

"We have seen lot of insensitivity from Governor Abiodun, he was at Aso-Rock and what we saw was a governor that was so insensitive to the plight of his people, a governor that fail to pay minimum wage is supporting the increase in fuel prices and that of electricity tarrif; where did Governor Dapo Abiodun want this workers to get the money to pay for the hike in petroleum and electricity.

"We want to say that the ploy by Dapo Abiodun to fraudulently access a 250 billion naira may be another reason why he is trying to play it down and make sure that he did not accede to the demands of the workers so that everybody will think that there is no money in the coffer of Ogun State and under that pretence, they can go to access the loan which they want to loot and siphon without doing anything for the good people of Ogun State.

"Ogun state is healthy enough financially to pay our workers, they cannot come and tell us a blatant lie by saying that they cannot pay the workers the minimum wage and therefore our workers embark in strike indefinitely and they don't want to care about the suffering of these people who are working towards the development of the state.

"The government is so shameless that they cannot pay a minimum wage that is not up to a bottle of wine they use in most of the parties they attend. A bottle of some of the wines they drink at parties is about N30, 000 minimum wage that the Ogun state workers are asking for. We want to say that this set of people are the worst assemblage of political clown that Ogun state has every had."

Oginni however said NNPP is ready to take over governance from governor Abiodun so as to take the state to the promise land. 

He added, "as a matter of fact, the NNPP, we are offering our platform to help the Ogun state downtrodden citizens and the workers in the state whose successive governments in the state are making lot of promises unfulfilled. 

"The New Nigeria Peoples Party, we are going to be a credible alternative, a party that will not deceive our workers, a party that will not tell them that we are omo baba teacher and at the end of the day refuse to pay minimum wage, gratuity for the teachers. We will not be a government that will come on the pretence of 419 to defraud our people.

"The NNPP in our strong opinion is in support of the action by the Labour leaders. 

"NNPP is ready to take over from this clueless and insensitive governor, Dapo Abiodun. If he fails to resign, the Ogun state people know what to do in the next election."

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