Save a Soul: Boy Needs 15 million for Kidney Transplant

A young boy, Sesan Adegboyega have been battling with a Chronic Kidney Disease (CDK) which he needed N15, 000, 000 for Kidney Transplant.

The results of the last scan done have confirmed that he will be needing a Kidney Transplant for him to survive and function normally.

The minimum cost of a kidney transplant in Nigeria or outside the country is N15million. It is on these premises we are requesting for financial assistance towards raising the cost of the medical treatment.

Sesan, therefore, seeks the help of kind-hearted and well-meaning Nigerians, individuals, and groups to come to his aid to enable him to undergo the kidney transplant. 

Please assist by sending your token to;

Account number: 0055736261 

Account name: SESAN Adegboyega  

Bank; Access bank


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