EPL: PSG star, Paredes takes swipe at Chelsea coach, Tuchel, hails Pochettino


Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, Leandro Paredes, has taken a veiled swipe at the club’s former manager, Thomas Tuchel, and hailed his successor, Mauricio Pochettino.

Paredes said PSG players are now happier working for Pochettino, adding that there were things that didn’t work during Tuchel’s regime.

According to him, PSG now works much more as a team than before.

Recall that Pochettino replaced Tuchel, who is now the current Chelsea manager, last January.

“Much has changed with Mauricio Pochettino,” Paredes told TF1.

“Before, there were things that did not work. We all needed a mental change.

“Now we work much more as a team than before.”

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