I made Amaechi governor, rejected his offer to be commissioner of finance - Gov. Wike


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has claimed that Rotimi Amaechi, his predecessor led the state through his help.

Wike’s comment is in reaction to Rotimi Amaechi referring to him as a staff in response to allegations of misappropriating funds from the sale of state’s assets.

During an interview on BBC pidgin on Friday, Wike said he was surprised that Amaechi whom he made governor would turn around to call him an employee.

Wike explained that he supported Amaechi’s political ambitions then because he was not interested in being governor and that even after he became governor, Amaechi still sought his advice on how to run his government.

“Amaechi and I were in the same party and in politics, everybody has his own ambition. He had his ambition to be governor and at the time, I didn’t. So, we fought and supported him to be governor.

“Now he’s in APC and you don’t expect me as a PDP person to support what he does.

“I was the one God used to make Amaechi governor. I will even give you a tape from what he said in the church; that after God, I’m next. But he went on national television to say that I was his staff, his employee. It wasn’t funny but I said no problem.

“We all sat to make him the governor and I was the one who championed it. How do you call someone who made you governor an employee?

“Even after he became governor, he sought my advice on how to run his government and offered me Commissioner of finance, but I rejected the offer because I wanted to be the chief of staff office.

“That time I made him governor, I had the power to choose.

“This same person said over his dead body that will I be governor, now I am looking for that dead body.

“I have been governor for eight years now. In 2015 when I won, they said its because PDP was in power, but I also won again in 2019 when APC was in power,” he said.

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