Osun: Tough time at NIN office as residents continue registration


It was a hectic day this morning at the office of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Oroki Estate, Osogbo as people were gathered in large number to register for the National Identity Number (NIN).

It was gathered that in order to have their names on the list, people who wanted to register must be at the NIN registration centre between 5 and 7am.

When got to the registration centre, Gbenga who wanted to register and obtain his NIN number disclosed that, “by 8am, the list of names will be collected by an official and taken inside the compound.

“After the list is taken inside, a date for registration will be given to each person to come for registration.

“Any individual whose appointed date falls on that day will be called in, attended to and get registered. That’s the advantage, but the disadvantage is that when you miss the date of your appointment, you get to start all over again.”

He revealed that anybody who comes after 8am will have to come back the next day to fill another fresh list.

Corroborating his story, Mrs. Stella Oriade said that she had been assigned a date for registration since January but she couldn’t honour it.

“They gave me 3rd of March, 2021 as registration date, but I missed it due to a hospital appointment.

“I came today to explain to them, but since I did not come on the day of my appointment, they advised me to start all over again. I have been trying to explain to them but they have refused to hear my plea.”

She explained that people were not much at the centre because they have all been allocated dates to come for their NIN registration which makes the process easier.

She was, however, fortunate enough that after her explanation, a NIMC official called her into the compound hopefully to get her registration done.

The crowd of people doting around the centre, she explained were probably as a result of them being first timers or those who have one issue or the other with their registration process.

She noted that other problems that people encounter there is that there is no provision outside to protect them from the sun.

All attempts to get officials of NIMC to talk was rebuffed as the gates were shut and no official was ready to talk without authorisation.

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