Baba Ijesha: I was abused, monitor those seeking video evidence - Femi Branch


Nollywood actor, Femi Branch has revealed he was abused some time ago.

The actor said this while giving his opinion on the sexual assault case involving Baba Ijesha.

The case involving Baba Ijesha has caused heated argument among celebrities and Yoruba actors as they shared divergent views on the matter.

He advised parents and guardians not to trust anybody with their children.

Femi Branch said those supporting Baba Ijesha and demanding video evidence should be watched as they may be ‘Closet Paedophiles’

In a video posted on his Instagram page, he said, “Even fathers these days are abusing children, trust no uncle, aunt, sister. Guard your children like you guard your wealth.

I was abused and a curse is on anyone supporting Baba Ijesha

“You do not deserve to have children if you don’t listen to them when they complain but shut them up.

“The police should be monitoring those supporting him and plan to arrest him because for you to take pleasure in watching children in that kind of situation you are sick

Those that post videos of children in sexual positions are sick too and need to be arrested. Watch out for those that share videos of young children in sexual acts they are paedophiles. Those asking for video proof of Baba Ijesha are ‘closet paedophiles.

Femi Branch further advised the public and his colleagues on how they handle the matter, especially for the victim.

“Please let us be mindful of our utterances on this matter cus you don’t know the damage on the victim. Be careful of the seeds you sow with your mouth.

“I was broken when I watched princess’ video, may God bless her for being a mother.”

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