World Malaria Day: Nigeria still contributes 27% to global burden - Niger govt worries


A total of 1, 297, 342 persons were tested free of charge for malaria using Rapid Diagnostic Test kits (RDTs) in Niger State in 2020.

The State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Makusidi who revealed this said the move was part of efforts to fight the disease.

He said that out of the figure, 1,028,553 persons were found to have malaria and were treated with free Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies (ACTs), while about 195,075 pregnant women received free malaria prevention drugs also.

Makusidi, who made this disclosure at an occasion to commemorate
the World Malaria Day in Minna said this intervention by the state government and partners have led to a reduction in the burden of the disease in the state.

He said that other interventions in the state’s efforts to Roll Back Malaria include ” the distribution of 3.6 million LLINs during mass replacement campaign in October/November 2019 in collaboration with partners. The nets were expected to expire after 3 years. In addition, a total of 209,575 Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) were distributed free to pregnant women and children under-one in the State through ANC and routine Immunization services in 2020″

“Training of health workers on data capturing tool, DHIS 2 software, and supportive supervision, case management of uncomplicated malaria, Data quality assurance and species identification and parasite counting.”

The commissioner disclosed that as reported by the NDHS in 2018, the state had a malaria prevalence rate of 31.6% (according to microscopy) and a prevalence of 43.8% (rapid diagnostic test). Malaria causes 30% of under 5 mortality and 11% maternal mortality (NHMIS 2015).

He also explained that Nigeria contributes 27% (58,860,000) to the malaria burden and 23% (88,320) to malaria deaths globally and that children under 5 years remain the most vulnerable group to the disease.

“Malaria remains a disease of public health important globally. According to the world malaria report 2020, there were an estimated 229 million malaria cases in 2019 in 87 malaria-endemic countries, with twenty-nine countries accounting for 95% (218 million) of malaria cases globally. Nigeria contributes 27% (58,860,000) to the malaria burden and 23% (88,320) to malaria death globally. Children under 5 years remain the most vulnerable group affected by the disease.”

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