Atayero consoles Adeboye on son death, urges him to trudge on in faith


Atayero of Aramoko-Ekiti, Omoba Aderemi has sent condolence messages to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye over the death of his son, late Pastor Dare Adeboye who passed on in his sleep on May 5.

Olusegun Aderemi urged Pastor Adeboye to rejoice and reverence God for the fact that his late son was a true son of Zion before he passed on.

”This testifies to the fact that the young Adeboye is currently in paradise, in blissful and eternal joy and peace. He is enjoying the abundant grace, endless Love and peace of the Almighty who is the creator, director and controller of the universe.

He further said, ” We urge Baba to rejoice and not be sad. What is life? If not to live for a short while and make a lasting impact that would remain memorable forever.

The young deceased Adeboye’s life, though short-lived, was a great one. It was a life worth more than a thousand in one.

He lived, worked and gave himself for God. His last activity on earth was ministering to the People of God.

”Oh, what a great privilege! He was an extremely fortunate being. And he passed on peacefully in his sleep. Oh! What a glorious and peaceful way to die. This is why Baba must rejoice and not be sad. So, Baba please rejoice for the Lord who has given and has taken what belongs to him. He had only asked you to take care of him for a while. And now he has taken him away at the time he wanted. Glory be to God Hallelujah.

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