Retired AIG plotting to assassinate me - Ayade aide cries


The Special Adviser to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State on Cocoa Development and Control, Ntufam Oscar Ofuka, has accused a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu, of attempting to assassinate him.

Addressing a press conference in Calabar, the state capital, Ofuka said: “I am compelled to address you today over the plot to assassinate me by a one-time Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu (rtd).

“AIG Mbu is so irked over my appointment as Special Adviser on Cocoa Development and Control and wants to take over my job through fraudulent acts, and affront.

“Mbu wanted to enlist me into his battalion to fight Senator (Prof) Ben Ayade.

“His antics include callous publications, insinuations, black mail and laying snare on me.

“Retired AIG Mbu has not only taken offense on cocoa rent and royalty for

Landlords in Etung Local Government Area but has directed his punches on me

“When AlG Mbu (Rtd) could not succeed in character assassination against me, his next plan was to employ all means to physically eliminate me” he further alleged

“On a false complaint of criminal conversation of land and other flimsy, he was arrested but investigation of the complaint revealed that the case lacked merit.

“When Mbu noticed that he could not succeed through the Police, he decided to come after me personally.”

Ofuka added that Mbu, in company of over 15 armed policemen, blocked him and his driver, and some other persons, on their way from Obudu, where he had attended a wedding on May 16, 2021.

“On 16/05/2021, Andeshi, Cletus Ushie; Mbe Erim James; my driver; one other person; and I were on our way back to Calabar after attending a wedding at Obudu.

“At Akparabong Farm Settlement along Ikom Obudu Road about 4:30pm, A.I.G. Mbu J. Mbu, in company of about 15 well-armed men in mufti carrying AK 47 riffles, blocked us and ordered me to go down and meet A.l.G. Mbu J. Mbu who was seated inside a black colored Toyota Prado Land Cruiser Jeep.

“Upon my refusal they all corked their rifles threatening to kill me. I believed that if I had gone down these faceless men would have fired at me.

“I signaled my driver who quickly engaged the reverse gear and took off. A.l.G. Mbu J. Mbu and these armed men pursued us bashing our 2nd vehicle constantly thereby causing heavy damage to the blue colored Ford Ranger

A.l.G. Mbu J. Mbu stationed another team of unknown armed men behind to intercept us from the rear. God helped us escape into Bendege Ekiem in Etung Local Government Area” he stated.

Ofuka pointed out that A.l.G. Mbu J. Mbu had warned to renounce his support for the Governor or risk being killed.

However, when contacted Mbu on phone, he said: “Don’t worry it is going to be police case, he alleged that I want to kidnap him, I want to assassinate him, he will proof it

“I don’t have anything to discuss with somebody like Oscar, he is nobody, he has been making that noise all this while.

“He sent messages to the press that he is in the bush, I don’t know the bush he was in, that he still has a network because there is no network between Akparabog and Bendehe .

“About cocoa, he is keeping the community cocoa royalty and secondly he came with another story that he escape assassination.

“The Paramount Ruler of Etung, the one who is on suspension , he has not paid the N10m fine my village impose on him, he has not being to the village for the past two months

“I have nothing to talk about Oscar that somebody like me would attempt to go and assassinate Oscar, what I am struggling with him

“I am fighting for position, for wealth or popularity, what I am struggling with, he can only compete with my children if he can” he pointed out.

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