Adamawa: 2 Clans trade words over new Mbula King selection


The process of the selection of a new king for the Mbula kingdom in Adamawa State has pitted the kingdom’s two ruling houses against each other.

The kindom’s paramount ruler, officially known as Murum Mbula, Chief Joel Joram-Fwa, died last month, May 16, prompting an ongoing process to select a new king.

While a group of youths favours the Muzong Ndatul ruling house to produce the new king, insisting that it is it’s turn, a separate group counters the notion of rotation, saying the Fwa Duragi ruling house, from which the immediate past king came, must be allowed to present aspirants to the throne.

The youth groups articulated their arguments during separate press briefings at the state capital, Yola, on Tuesday, both quoting the same Mbula customs but disagreeing sharply on the issue of rotation of the stool between the two ruling houses.

The first group to address the press, the Youth Wing of Mbula Development Association, said through its president, Wanakam Wesley Fwa, “The letter for submission of names of persons contesting for the Murum Mbula Stool was served between Fwa Duragi and Muzong Ndatul instead of Muzong Ndatul Clan only according to our culture and tradition of rotation.”

Wanakam Fwa who read out the text of his group’s briefing to newsmen, added, “Fwa Duragi should be totally removed from the contest to maintain the custom and the principle of rotation between the two clans.”

He mentioned a number of “power mongers” from the Fwa Duragi clan as being behind involvement of the Fwa Duragi clan instead of a narrowing of the contest for the vacant throne to people of the Muzong Ndatul Clan.

In their reaction, however, youths who converged on the NUJ press Centre in Yola under the aegis of Concerned Mbula Youths towards the evening of Tuesday, said no law stipulates rotation of the Mbula Stool between the two ruling houses.

The group, which spoke through their leader, Francis Ndagoso, said, “The law is that the appointment of the Murum Mbula will be based on the custom and tradition of the people and this is that the Murum Mbula will be selected by four kingmakers, namely Molah Kulasala, Molah Kuli, Molah Nzugwaling, and Molah Tahau.”

He advised the advocates of rotation to agree to a freeing of the space for all aspirants from the two ruling houses to present themselves to the kingmakers who will trim their numbers down for the state governor to make the final selection.

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