APC lacks focus, direction - Ex-Ekiti Chairman, Awe


Former chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, Chief Jide Awe, has said that the ghost of the governorship primaries conducted in 2018 was still haunting the party in the state.

Speaking with journalists in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, Chief Awe alleged that APC had mismanaged itself both at the state and national levels and the primaries for the 2022 governorship election must be conducted in a transparent and acceptable manner if the party wanted to retain the governorship in the state.

He bemoaned the situation where the ruling party was being run by the caretaker Committee both at the state and at the centre.

The APC stalwart therefore urged the party at the state and national levels to conduct congresses to save it from the present ‘directionless’ state, saying, “The APC as it is, is in a ‘partyless’ situation. A party that has no executives is directionless”.

According to him, “The present situation is not expected of us. We are not measuring up to standard and party members are complaining.

“When members are complaining and those at the helm of affairs are behaving as if they are angels and operating within an iron cast habitat, when they are not relating well with members, that is causing a lot of problems within our party. That may be some of the problems we are going to encounter soon as we go into the election year”.

Awe, who harped on the need for Ekiti APC to opt for acceptable primaries and jettison the idea of ‘winner takes all’, said, “Up till now, the ghost of the primary which was conducted in 2018 governorship is what we are still battling with.

“Despite APC being in government in the state, many of our people don’t see themselves as being part of the party, much more being part of the government. That was what led to the hues and cries after the executive.

“I think some of what we are seeing has resonated in the nation which led to the total dissolution of the National Executive Committee of the party. In our party constitution, there is no room for a caretaker, so there is an urgent need for congresses”.

The APC chieftain, who expressed fears on the willingness of the APC to conduct congresses, said, “Yes I am entertaining fears because that was what brought us to the present calamity within the party. The congresses we conducted in 2018 brought us to this ‘partyless’ level we are.

“It is important for us now to have properly conducted congresses from ward to national level. My own fear is that we still have the same people in charge to have a change of mind. We want to avoid running into that pit again, that is why we are talking to those who care to listen.”

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