Barcelona president, Laporta refuses to apologize to UEFA over Super League

Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, has said they will not apologize to UEFA over the failed European Super League.

According to him, the Spanish club wants to control its own destiny.

Barca members were to vote on participation in the breakaway competition at the club’s general assembly on Sunday.

But Laporta, who insists the plans are still alive, said that would not be necessary as the proposed format no longer exists.

“We spoke with the clubs [involved] and said we liked [the proposals], but that we needed them to accept that our members would have to approve entry at the next assembly,” Laporta said as he explained the reasoning for signing up.

“It was logical to have that vote before June 30. But now, as the format doesn’t exist, I won’t ask you to vote. But the project is alive, I insist.

“We’re still trying to enter into dialogue with UEFA. We won’t apologise for trying to organise a competition. We won’t say sorry to UEFA for wanting to be the owners of our own destiny. At least not while I am president.”

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