BBNaija Reunion: Tolanibaj under attack, falls out with Nigerians for shaming Vee


Former BBNaija housemate, Tolanibaj has come under attack over her disparaging remarks at Vee during the reunion show.

Tolanibaj had during a heated argument with Vee on BBNaija Reunion show on Monday night called Vee a witch and a dropout, claiming she had no degree certificate.

She also threw a pillow at her and threatened to beat her up.

Tolanibaj said, “I have three degrees. What do you have? You don’t have any degree, you’re a dropout.”

“You’re a wicked and selfish person and you were not my friend.”

Vee remained calm and refused to exchange words with Tolanibaj.

This stirred reactions from Nigerians who criticised Tolanibaj for insulting Vee over a degree and acting uncouth through the episode.

Here are some comments gathered online....

@Letter_to_jack “ Bad b**h with 3 degrees and 3 businesses yet you can’t engage people and communicate effectively. Waste of convocation gowns.”

@YimikaB “Tolanibaj insulting Vee about not having a college degree doesn’t score her any point. Why? Because it’s not a case of “no money” or “she was broke” it was a case of following her dreams which wasn’t in the four walls of the university, yet!

@Lady_purity5 “ Vee might not have a degree but she’s smarter than Tbaj and that’s on period.”

@Thalordsleek “ This episode should be named Show of Shame.”

@Islimfit “ As a brand manager, if I was to work with either of both, I would easily pick Vee over TBaj sha. She’s a sellable brand, comported and eloquent. The perks are more.”

@Brown_curves “ She also displayed more class than the person with degrees from an unnamed college. I’ll give up my 2 degrees and all professional certifications for class if that uncouth behaviour is what a degree teaches a woman.”

@Olajumoke “ I’m so disappointed in Tbaj! Trying to shame Vee because of that is so low! Very very low! And even saying Neo has never traveled just because he said he doesn’t like her is so petty!

@Adessy09 “ You can’t shame the shameless.Vee already told us she doesn’t have a degree.Tolanibaj bringing it up doesn’t make any sense.This babe Na FOO*.”

@Mendel “ Vee is the definition of a classy queen. Like I stan tonight. Composed in the midst of all that provocation. Tolani has always been and clearly is still in the mud and has absolutely NOTHING to lose. Such a violent, brute olosho. Vee keep shining on abeg.”

@MzJayde “Tolanibaj is toxic, Dora is toxic. Know this and know peace.”

@MrMeday “I am yet to understand Tolani’s outburst tonight, e no make any sense.”

@OtomeofEkpan “ Tonight’s moral lesson, shouting doesn’t make you a bad b**h.”

@BBNaijaAnalyst “ Vee might not have a college degree but she is eloquent and knowledgeable and well read. She’s presenting a major show on Dstv.”

@Ayolex_official “ Vee just proved to Tbaj that the loudest voice doesn’t win an argument.”

@Diseye_ “I Can’t believe I liked Tolani Baj for even a second in the house, what a mess.”

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