Be sincere, committed to end farmers, herders conflict in Nigeria - Fulani Herdsmen tell FG


Fulani herdsmen under the auspices of Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria, (KACRAN), said farmers/herders perennial conflict can be ended if federal government and other relevant stakeholders are sincere and committed to the course.

National President of the Association, Hon. Khalil Mohammed Bello, stated this in a statement in Damaturu on Thursday, while reacting to recent move by federal government to reclaim all encroached grazing reserves as well as blocked cattle routes across northern states.

He said KACRAN as an association is keenly following issues national issues particularly those that directly or indirectly affect their occupation to offer advises on what needs to be done with a view to clash between the two insperable brothers; that is farmers and herders.

Bello was emphatic that, the move by federal government to reclaim encroached grazing reserves and blocked cattle routes in 19 northern states will not only restore normalcy in the region but will prevent mass movement of pastoralists to southern part of the country in search of greener pastures and water points mainly caused by the encroachment or total blockage of cattle routes.

“Government as a policy maker and implementer of its policies and programmes is to be fully committed to the programme’s success by providing enough budgetary allocation and immediate release of all the funds meant for the programme.

“There is a serious need for supervision by government to make sure that the money allocated for the programme is expended judiciously.

“We say so, for the fact that, only God knows how many government programmes were made of which billion of naira were released and spent for their executions, but the money ended in the bank accounts or houses of very few unpatriotic individuals,” he warned.

KACRAN’s National President urged federal government to take drastic action against anybody found wanting in sabotaging efforts in reclaiming the cattle routes and encroached grazing reserves.

We advise federal government should work hand to hand and related closely with Northern governments, traditional rulers/Chiefs who are the custodians of most of the Northern States free land.

“It should also constitute a standing committee that will include security agency, representative of traditional rulers, herders and farmers leaders to make sure that law offender or saboteurs are brought to book and punish accordingly.

“State governments of the Northern states who are constitutionally said to be owners of all uncultivated lands be requested to give the programme maximum support and fullest co-operation for it success”.

The Association, however, advised pastoralists to permanently stay in the northern part of the country where there is availability of land; instead of moving to southern part of the country.

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