Euro 2020: England coach, Southgate defends Coca-Cola after Cristiano Ronaldo gesture


England coach, Gareth Southgate has defended Coca-Cola after Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture against the Euro 2020 sponsor.

Southgate answered questions alongside England captain, Harry Kane, ahead of Friday’s clash with Scotland.

Ronaldo had caused a stir earlier this week when he moved two Coke bottles out of view, insisting he prefers “Agua” (water).

Italy midfielder, Manuel Locatelli, also opted to get rid of the Coke bottles.

Coca Cola is one of the main sponsors of Euro 2020 and has paid to display its products at press conferences involving star players.

When asked on Thursday about having the bottles in front of them [Southgate and Kane], the Three Lions boss told reporters during his pre-match press conference that sponsors help sports to function, particularly the grassroots.

“I think there are lots of sponsors in sport and the impact of their money at all levels helps sport to function, particularly grassroots sport in our country requires a lot of investment and without some of those companies investing, it is very difficult to provide the facilities we need.

“With anything, of course, we are mindful in our country of obesity and health, but everything can be done in moderation.

“Anything you take part in or partake in moderation is rarely a problem. I understand the concerns that people have and two guys had a different rationale for the stances they took, but there’s always a bigger picture to these things.”

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