Insecurity created by Nigerians, we can end it - Governor Masari


Katsina State Governor, Aminu Bello Masari has said that the current banditry related attack being experienced across the nation is a creation of the Nigerian people.

Masari disclosed this Monday, while speaking at the commissioning of the Katsina State office of the Council of the Regulation of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN),

He admitted that the country was going through a very difficult time but that with determination Nigerians can overcome it, as every part of the country has something to offer.

The Katsina Governor urged Nigerians to come up with survival strategy for the nation.

He further admonished Nigerians to be mindful of what they plan to handover to the next generation.

He equally challenged those living in Katsina to desist from running away from troubled areas for fear of the notorious bandits.

He said rather, they should fight back and ensure they won over them.

“They always say the hard way is the best way. We are in a very difficult time. These are times that challenge our capacity, our thinking, our capabilities of coming up with survival strategy for the nation.

“Every part of the country has something that they can survive and progress on. People before us have lived on these lands and survived on it

“What we are handing over to the next generation should be something that would make them proud that their grandparents were here before.

“The challenges of life has always been with human beings right from the beginning of time and they are surmountable.

“The challenges that were created by us, why can’t we fight and win over it?

“These rascals in the forest are not better human beings than us.

“Why should I take N10 million Naira and give to a kidnapper?

”I should take that 10 million to also buy gun and kill him too.

“It’s no longer about Federal Government has not done this or that.

“Will running, relocating from villages save our lives?

“If you relocate from Block A to Block B and gradually the bandits reached Block B, what would you do? Will you go to Block F and continue to run indefinitely?

“We will stay here, fight it and win over it.

“Nobody should leave his place. If they take arms against you, take arms against them too,” Governor Masari said

Meanwhile, while congratulating COREN for the beautiful edifice and coming to Katsina State, Masari decried the high cost of construction materials and equally challenged Nigerian Professional bodies to always come up with something that is affordable and purely Nigerian.

“I think the challenge before professionals in Nigeria is how to come up with something that is purely Nigerian; something that is affordable because cost of any form of construction in Nigeria is on the high side,” Masari said

He urged the professionals to look inward.

“I think there is need to look inward more to see what we could do with what we have to achieve what we need as a people and as a country,” the Governor said.

The President of COREN, Engr Aliyu Rabiu on behalf of COREN expressed their appreciation to Governor Masari for the love he had always shown them.

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