Lawyer cautions politicians against heating up polity with personal ambition


The Head of Chamber, Mba Ukweni and Associates, Ntufam Mba Ukweni (SAN), has cautioned politicians not to heat the polity with their personal ambition.

Ntufam Ukweni, speaking on Wednesday via phone, expressed surprise that politicians are always in a hurry to contest elections and when voted into offices performed dismally.

“During our stakeholders’ meeting, we decided that it was too early to contemplate being a governor or deputy in Nigeria, that the present people still have two years to go, in fact, have they done half of their second tenure if I may be asked?

“We in People Democratic Party (PDP) decided or were asked to drop our personal interest because we were sure that people will have ambition to contest the elections.

“We were asked to select three persons or more to constitute a committee who will be saddled with the responsibility to mobilize members into the party, particularly those who were willing to come back.

“You know, politics is a game of numbers, we were asked to swell the number of members not to express personal interest for now, we needed to organize the party first before any other thing,” he stated.

“Some people who left before were anxious to return as what they were out for in another party was not forthcoming. We decided that if we allow personal interest to strive, it will scatter the party,” he added.

According to him, those in offices still have the opportunity to extend dividends of democracy to the people by doing what is right.

“We still have a lot to do, Governor Ayade did not do anything, it is now left for us to cover a lot of ground.

“The defectors are still welcome to our party PDP, we are happy that those who were there when the party was formed are coming back. The defectors are still welcome,” he said.

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