Peju death: Premier hospital clashes with FCCPC panel as doctors stay away from hearing


Doctors from Premier Specialist Medical Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Tuesday stayed away from the public inquiry set up to investigate the death of one Mrs Peju Ugboma who died due to alleged negligence at the hospital.

Recall that the family of Peju Ugboma, a Lagos State-based chef, had accused Premier Specialist Medical Centre, Victoria Island, of negligence after Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, carried out an independent autopsy and revealed that she suffered internal bleeding.

It was learnt that she had about two litres of blood in her abdomen and pelvic area after an elective surgery for a fibroid issue.

The family stated that she walked into the hospital by herself unaided as it was by no means an emergency surgical procedure, adding that she had concluded all the necessary tests required before the surgery, including ECG, PCV, and COVID-19 tests.

It said Peju had complained of abdominal pain after the surgery, and despite advice from a UK gynecologist that she might be bleeding internally, doctors at Premier reportedly refused to take any actions to that effect and did little as her condition deteriorated between Friday and Sunday afternoon when she eventually died.

However at the inquiry organized by the Federal Competition and Protection Commission (FCCPC) when Dr. Osinomo Omolole, from Premier Hospital, was called upon, a lawyer, Abimbola Akeredolu (SAN), showed up to say he was absent.

She said the Doctor had traveled abroad, noting that he had requested to appear virtually but his request was turned down.

Akeredolu also stated that other doctors of Premier hospital were initially present at the public hearing, but they received a message from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) and Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) that they should leave the sitting, otherwise they would lose their licences.

Reacting, Babatunde Irukera, the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the FCCPC, vowed that if the Doctor refused to appear at the inquiry, the commission would stretch to any length in ensuring that justice is done.

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