Gunmen invade political meeting in Enugu, says no election on Biafra land [VIDEO]


Some gunmen have attacked a gathering of politicians in Enugu West, threatening that no election would hold on any part of “Biafra land”.

In a video that went viral on Sunday, the gunmen were seen shooting repeatedly as those at the political gathering fled for their lives.

A few men, who could not escape at the time of the invasion, were captured and asked to lie down in the mud.

They were beaten, molested and harassed amidst allegation that they were trying to “bring back Fulani” into Enugu West.

In the 4:50 minutes video, it could be seen that vehicles and motorbikes were smashed by the gunmen, who threatened to deal with anyone organising a political gathering on Biafra land.

“You want to bring Fulani into our place? We chased them away and you want to bring them back.

“What are you doing here? You are here for party politics like you do every four years. Which party?

“Don’t you like how we chased away the Fulanis? Why do you want to bring them back? You want to bring problem into Enugu West again. We have asked you people to stop these party campaigns you are doing on our land. You are all here for party campaigns. You are the ones destroying Enugu West. Thunder will fire you. Say yes sir!” the gunmen said in different voices.

When asked what should be their punishment if they tried to organise another political gathering, one of the men said, “kill me.”

“We’ve stopped the campaign on Biafra land. We don’t want anybody coming out for anything campaign. There will be no election in this country anymore,” a background voice said in the video.


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