Insecurity in Nigeria: World risks humanitarian crisis of 200 million people - African Youth leader, Aina Segun


The coordinator of the African Youth Union Commission, AYUC, Aina Segun Aina, has lamented the deteriorating security situation in the country, stating that the world is risking the humanitarian crisis of the entire Nigerian population.

In an interview in Abuja, Mr Aina claimed that Nigeria had not experienced the level of insecurity currently bedeviling the entire nation since its independence in 1960.

He said, “The security situation in Nigeria is arguably at its worst and most dangerous time in the history of the country, while we do not underestimate the works and efforts of the military and security agents at this time, it is important to note that the solution to this menace is not only to physically tackle the challenges, but also to carefully listen to other plights of Nigerians.”

While reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s controversial speech at the just-concluded 76th United Nations General Assembly, UNGA, in New York,, United States of America, Aina said contrary to the president’s submission that his government is tackling the security menace, the country needs support from the world leaders.

According to him, “We need all the support we can get at this time and that’s what we expect our government to be soliciting for at this particular point in time, especially during Mr President’s presentation to world leaders at the just-concluded UN General Assembly.

“The world today cannot afford a humanitarian crisis of 200 million people and, therefore, must be drafted into the situation in Nigeria in terms of technology and intelligence gathering to put an end to these challenges.

The AYUC coordinator in Nigeria lamented that most youths in the country are unemployed, alleging that some politicians are feeding fat at the detriment of the poor youths.

“Some of the signs that we are spiralling out of control, is the fact that we have a huge population of youth who are unemployed and live in a society that accommodates waste and Govt excesses at the expense of these poor masses.

“Secondly, the state of education is currently at its poorest level and our massive youth population becomes increasingly idle and finds crime and banditry as alternate activities.

“Our financial institutions and especially the regulators are acting in a manner that makes them look culpable in the fight against the security challenges of Nigeria.

“With the level of sophistication and technological development in financial services in Nigeria, the institutions must explain to us why we don’t hear of freezing accounts that are being used to fund terrorism, banditry and collection of ransoms in Nigeria. And to also imagine that some criminals trade freely with POS terminals and still get away with it, leaves a lot to be explained to the world by the CBN.

Speaking on President Buhari’s fresh request for the approval of more external loan, Aina Yusuf noted that the Nigerian government was only concerned with borrowing, forgetting the plight of the masses.
According to him, many Nigerians, particularly the unemployed youths, are malnourished due to inability to purchase essential items from the market as prices of food items have skyrocketed.

“The economic crisis in the country has continued to ravage Nigerians and the government is not showing signs of concern, the average Nigerians today bleed to purchase all household and food items as well as essentials for living, but the government prioritises loans for infrastructure while citizens suffer to death in their own country.

“Nigeria indeed needs help otherwise the world risks a crisis of over 200 million people which consist of a large number of uneducated and unskilled”, he added.

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