2023: Nigeria’s next president must emerge through merit, not zoning – PDP chieftain, Imasuagbon


A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member, Barr. Kenneth Imasuagbon, has said that Nigeria’s president should emerge based on merit, intellectual capability and exposure for the overall development of the country, rather than through zoning.

He also said that those basing their arguments on zoning do not love the country, suggesting that Nigerians should begin to think of a presidential candidate that can fix the litany of troubles facing the country.

He said in a statement that Nigeria is in an emergency situation that requires an emergency solution to ensure sanity in the country.

According to him, the best option for the PDP was to jettison zoning and ensure a candidate that is acceptable to Nigerians emerges as the party’s presidential candidate.

“The state of the country is chaotic and troubling. We should not be contemplating zoning now. We should be thinking of who can do the job for the Almajiri in the streets, the farmers, secure the nation and help the economy to grow,” he said.

He stated that Nigerians are looking for a person who can fix the roads, make schools work and give value to Nigerians.

He added that Nigerians are looking at that Nigerian that would come after President Muhammadu Buhari that will be courageous enough to call a spade by its name, heal the pains of the country and bring the country together.

A well-travelled Nigerian, he stressed that would not have complex when in Washington, that Nigerian that has done well in the private sector and served in government and the person who knows what to do from day one.

He emphasized, “Those calling for zoning do not love Nigeria. Merit, intellectual capability and exposure are attributes that should determine who becomes the next president.”

Imasuagbon further stated that he feels troubled when people talk about zoning because according to him, “Nigeria is in emergency times and it demands emergency solutions, look at the hospitals, one almost died of malaria because the drugs one gets were fake.”

He said that if Nigeria is talking about zoning, it is not the turn of the south if it is PDP, the ticket should go to the north, saying that Jonathan did six years, Obasanjo did eight years, Yar’Adua did two years and Buhari is completing eight years as it is not time for testing the waters.

He explained that with a northern presidential candidate, the party can secure victory and rescue the country, stressing that fairness and equity demand that if the south has done 14 out of 16, the north should be the next in line for the presidency.

According to him, “the country is sitting on the precipice of strategic issues like job creation, security and the economy. We need somebody who has been tried and tested.”

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