Black marketers flout Kaduna govt’s ban on petrol in jerry can as scarcity persists


The recent ban on sale of petrol in jerry cans is being flouted in Kaduna State as fuel hawkers have continued to enjoy patronage from car owners and motorcyclists due to the fuel scarcity ravaging parts of Nigeria.

The Kaduna State Government had on September 2, 2021, placed a ban on the sale of petrol in jerry cans. The ban became imperative due to incessant banditry attacks on innocent people.

However, the fuel scarcity being experienced in the state has seen a resurgence of the trend as black market traders make brisk business, selling petrol for between N500 and N1000 per litre.

According to Mr. Jonathan Audu, a fuel hawker in Kaduna metropolis, “It’s our time to make money. Even government employees come to us to find fuel for them. Fuel is scarce in the filling station, but we have enough to sell in black market.”

According to him, they don’t display their fuel in public, but always wait for would-be buyers within the vicinity of their business as they are already known.

“When customers come, they will approach us if there is fuel. When we settle the price, it takes us only a few seconds to bring out the fuel for them. We keep our fuel hidden, pending when customers come to us,” he said.

Another fuel hawker, James Richman said that they are aware of the ban, but the same government officials come seeking for assistance to get fuel.

According to him, before they agree to provide fuel, they must know the identities of buyers in order to avoid being arrested by security agents, and their fuel confiscated.

Meanwhile, prices of foodstuff and household cooking items have skyrocketed forcing many to resort to using charcoal.

Barbers, petty traders, groundnut, bananas, beans and yam hawkers are not left out as prices of their goods are far beyond the reach of the common man.

Many sellers and traders blamed the sudden hike in price of their goods to fuel scarcity as they were unable to travel far to buy those goods in large quantities.

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